Timely visibility to comprehensive info drives improved performance​

With BUCS, we capitalized on the ability to assess our business beyond sales and margin. We now gauge customer, supplier and product performance by service levels as well as associated inventory, payables and receivables. Our team receives the benefit of customer performance reporting that they can reliably take action on. Ultimately, BUCS’ comprehensive views have changed the way we make decisions and paved a road for improved financial performance.

Joe Van Dyke, Sales Lead, Clancey

Better aligned with more time for action

BUCS provides us a flexible, cost effective easy-to-use platform that solves strategic issues. The visibility to meaningful, interconnected information provides our team shared insights into risks and opportunities to achieving improved performance. As a result, our team is more cohesive and efficient in achieving our common goals. Less time is needed to prepare and assemble data and more time to take action.

Mark Radosevich, CFO, RBC Medical Innovations

Actionable insights to address our needs in just days

BUCS provides the right mix of same day service and customer responsiveness. BUCS’ impact is most prevalent in our supply chain, an area of the business where discreet, measurable values like working capital and fill rates can be linked to analytics generated via the BUCS data feeds. BUCS aggregates and distributes info in workable packets of data in order to track and monitor business trends and performance at multiple layers. They distribute the information in a readily, useable format designed to be digestible for each associate.

J.B. Buxton, VP Supply Chain, IBT Industrial

More confident decisions drive results

Since we partnered with BUCS, we get targeted performance information, faster. We now make more confident strategic plans and decisions​,​ delivering significantly improved results across all market channels of our company. This is accomplished with no effort on our part and with delivery to the right people as needed. Plus, as our business evolves, BUCS provides the ability to quickly adjust to new reporting and performance metrics​.​

Gary Gates , CFO, Xikar

$15M working capital savings​ as cash cycle shortened by 35 days

Our business has grown by 60 since we began utilizing BUCS’ services.​​ ​At the same time,​ we’ve ​achieved a 65-day cash conversion cycle​ ​​improvement​ ​delivering​​ ​a ​$1.5M working capital savings. A substantial portion of this impact is a direct result of the decision guidance provided ​via​ ​the BUCS platform and services. ​BUCS​ ​continues to be a​​ ​key ​partner providing actionable value impacting​ ​insights across key business dimensions including customer, product, supplier and location.

Brad Gohr, CEO, Veterinary Services Inc.