Podcast | Company Data Dashboards At BUCS With Nick Buchanan

Nick and his father founded a data software business called BUCS Analytics in 2006. Learn more about their journey in our podcast!

My guest on this episode is Nick Buchanan. Nick and his father founded a data software business called BUCS Analytics in 2006. BUCS builds deep analytical dashboards for CEOs that pull from internal data sources like ERPs, inventory systems, and more. Long-time customer Trevor Flannigan, COO of the Flint Group, introduced us after hearing about my deep curiosity of data companies.

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Nick and I talk about building the company with his father, building momentum in product development and sticking close to customers, hiring a talented team, and how to find groups and peers to help guide your entrepreneurial journey. Please enjoy this fantastic conversation with Nick Buchanan.

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(2:15) – What is BUCS Analytics and the founding story?

(7:35) – Are there any industries you’ve specialized in?

(9:38) – Can you walk through product development?

(13:11) – How do you decide on outcomes of experiments where results come out similar?

(16:25) – Are there 2-3 ways you measure engagement and value?

(17:41) – What’s been the process of evolution on the sales side?

(20:53) – What are the channels you’re hoping to develop further?

(22:13) – What are the benefits of having a group of peers over time?

(25:34) – Is there one change or development in your peer group that’s helped the most?

(27:35) – Where was your mindset when starting BUCS and how has it changed over time?

(29:19) – What are some of the most successful ways you’ve found to attract and keep talent at BUCS?

(32:21) – what does it look like fulfilling a new employee’s goals?

(34:46) – What’ve you learned the most about managing change in a company?

(36:37) – What’s your philosophy for setting goals?

(39:21) – Have you ever made secondary adjustments to annual goals?

(40:30) – What goal do you feel you’re the most excited to achieve this year?

(41:13) – What strongly held belief have you changed your mind on?

(42:40) – What’s the best business you’ve ever seen?

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