Flint Group | Case Study

Flint Group remains laser focused on performance while executing inorganic growth strategies.


Flint Group is a collection of residential home service businesses across the country. Its focus is on plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and related home service segments.

Flint Group continues to expand its footprint through inorganic growth strategies.


Due to its inorganic growth, Flint Group needed assistance consolidating information from disparate business systems while pursuing efforts to integrate to similar ERP and operational platforms.

Likewise, Flint Group needed a way to aggregate metrics to inform business process alignment across the multiple portfolio companies.


01 | Connected and consolidated financial data for 8 portfolio companies utilizing QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Online, and Sage Intacct ERPs. Consolidated operational information for each company once integrated with ServiceTitan home services management software.

02 | Provided monthly, weekly, and near-real-time dashboarding for portfolio level performance monitoring, which enabled goal-setting and accountability across the different leadership teams.

03 | Enabled 100% automated data import templates for newly acquired companies transitioning ERPs.


Flint Group saved more than 25 hours per month in manual information gathering and reporting and achieved 100% accuracy of historical data imported when integrating new acquisition financial data into the portfolio. Likewise, Flint Group has the ability to remain laser focused on performance while integrating acquisitions into its portfolio.

“BUCS is our centralized hub for data across our platforms, our one source of truth. Our partnership has not only eliminated hours and hours of manual work, but it has also helped us more efficiently achieve our growth strategies.”  

Austin Soendker, Vice President of Finance

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