Case Study | WiseConnect

WiseConnect shifted time from assembling to analyzing the budget. Learn more!


WiseConnect is a nationwide provider of telecommunications services, employing a large network of technicians across the country for major telecommunications providers.

WiseConnect is 100% private equity owned and is focused on growth driven initiatives.


The team had to compile detailed P&L budgets at market level, then manually enter GL account level amounts into QuickBooks.

The time-consuming process led to inefficient budgeting. Additionally, manual compilation of market budgets increased risk of error and version control.


01 | Developed a detailed market level budget model. Customer controlled drivers integrate with historical actuals from system to automatically calculate budgeted amounts.

02 | BUCS model automatically updates each year, eliminating the need to re-assemble the budget.

03 | A web hosted dashboard allows for historical, consolidated or granular budget analysis as well as the ability to override when it makes sense.

04 | Once budget is finalized, an export is provided for batch upload to QuickBooks.


Automated 30+ market level budgets, moved budgeting up 6 months, and created more time to analyze and adjust.

“Our company has seen rapid growth. This has come organically by launching new markets and introducing new offerings. BUCS has provided the visibility for us to grow with confidence. Our decision makers have the information they need to execute. Additionally, BUCS has enabled us to execute with minimal incremental resources.”

Tom Mohl, CEO

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