Case Study | Unified Door & Hardware Group

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Unified Door & Hardware Group is a value-add distributor of doors and hardware. Unified is a private equity roll-up with 15 companies across 28 locations.

Unified continues to enhance its national footprint through acquisitions.


The target was a small company with few accounting/finance resources to help provide diligence deliverables. This created delays in deliverables and pushed back work in an already tight timeline.

Even access to entity level general ledgers and consolidated financials were delayed. This left little time for in-depth analysis.


01 | Connected 2 ERPs from 4 different companies to provide entity and consolidated trial balance to feed model.

02 | Provided direct access to job level data.

03 | Removed the burden on target company, freeing up time for value-add requests and discussions.


Saved 60 hours consolidating data sources into a model, and created a consolidated trial balance within 2 days of connection.

“With BUCS direct connection to our target’s ERP, we were able to automate the normally time intensive process of gathering data to populate our models. This significant time savings eased the burden that normally leads to deal fatigue. It also freed up time for more value-added diligence activities, creating a stronger relationship from the outset of the diligence process.”

Matt Thompson, Vice President of Finance

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