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Synetic Technologies partners with client businesses to provide IT asset disposition services. 

Synetic refurbishes and resells used IT hardware, paying a portion of proceeds back to the client. This requires Synetic to provide accurate reporting on asset sales to the client in a timely manner.


Synetic uses an asset-tracking system that left gaps in their client reporting needs.

The gaps in the system resulted in time consuming, manual processes to pull multiple reports to produce the necessary client reporting outputs.


01 | Connected multiple ERP systems and an industry-specific asset tracking system to BUCS proprietary FP&A platform.

02 | Built client reporting dashboard with defined reporting tabs to automate client deliverables.

03 | Linked accounting systems to show holistic view of financial and operational data as well as tie out reporting to the GL.


The Synetic team saved 40 hours per month with the elimination of the manual work and achieved a 99% client retention rate where the automated reports are deployed.

“Now we can devote those 40 hours solely towards reviewing and acting on analyses created. Additionally, the assistance that BUCS provides allows us to review and analyze parts of our business that weren’t attempted prior to the partnership. We look forward to continued collaboration between BUCS and Synetic.”

Alex Dack, CFO Synetic Technologies

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