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JCI Industries is a multi-location provider of electrical and mechanical solutions for industrial, water and wastewater markets.

They provide mechanical and electrical equipment and parts, pump and electric motor repair, equipment packaging, fabrication and factory-authorized repair services throughout the midwestern United States.


At any point in time, JCI had hundreds of active of projects across their various locations. It was possible that the projects required custom parts and third-party resources to be completed. 

The company had a monthly WIP report that provided month-end balances by project, but it was often outdated by the time it was completed and circulated to locations managers.

As a result, it provided minimal understanding into how to improve the process.


01 | Connected ERP and operating applications to BUCS proprietary FP&A purpose-built platform.

02 | Automated the process to create a real-time WIP report, arming location managers with more and better visibility into active projects and other key KPIs across the business.

03 | Identified opportunities to improve WIP, including automated scheduling and procurement alerts to accurately communicate risks in their supply chain and proactively manage project completion.


The JCI team achieved significant results with improved reporting: a 4 day reduction in the number of days to complete jobs, a 30% improvement in on-time delivery, a $3M reduction in inventory through improved turns, and an overall increase in revenue of 20%.

“By seamlessly merging our ERP into the BUCS platform, we revolutionized JCI’s project oversight and WIP transparency. Through automated reporting and proactive supply chain risk management, we not only ensured punctual project completion but also elevated customer satisfaction, fostering growth and enhancing cash flow.”

Brad Gulley, Vice President

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