Case Study | Daily’s Premium Meats

Daily’s saved time by automating monthly financial package reporting. Learn more!


Daily’s Premium Meats provides the finest processed meat products for both food service and retail. Known as “The Bacon Specialists,” Daily’s also offers a complete line of food service hickory-smoked hams, sausage links and patties and other value-added pork products.

Daily’s has multiple facilities and various cost centers throughout the manufacturing, packaging, processing, and labor and overhead functions. 

Daily’s is a growth-oriented joint venture owned by one public and one private company, with different reporting requirements. 


The time consuming, manual process to create consolidated financials for each stakeholder, as well as gather and connect data for cost schedule reporting by department/location led to an inefficient back-office process. 

Constant ‘busy work’ and Excel data manipulation left little time for value-add work to drive the business forward.


01 | Connected to the ERP and ran data through BUCS proprietary FP&A purpose-built platform.

02 | Automated the process of creating a monthly financial package in the format each stakeholder needed to see in order to effectively operate the business.

03 | Automated the process of compiling monthly costs for each business unit to monitor profitability trends across multiple dimensions.


The Daily’s team saved 15 hours every month and created time for FP&A resources to dedicate to value-add work.

“BUCS was able to save Daily’s valuable time building our monthly financial statement package. Previously, we spent hours consolidating into the desired format, which left little time to analyze data. The automation saves 15 hours per month of just financial statement preparation. Now we can download formatted statements with the click of a button. The finance team can analyze data sooner in the monthly process resulting in better managerial discussion. These efficiencies and the accuracy of data allows for more timely data-informed decision making to occur within our operational leadership team, which in turn makes us more competitive in the market.”

Matt Cumberford, Corporate Controller

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