BUCS Data Connection Hub

The ultimate integration wizard to connect and consolidate all your data sources.

The BUCS Data Connection Hub is an advanced data integration wizard designed to empower users to seamlessly integrate ERP, CRM and other data sources into the BUCS platform. By leveraging secure APIs and user-friendly features, the Data Connection Hub lets businesses unlock valuable financial planning analysis. Best of all, most integrations can be completed in under five minutes! 

A simple 3-step data connection process is the beginning of your consolidated reporting journey.

Step 1: Connect Data

With a few clicks, clients can set up their data connections by using step-by-step integration wizards. These integration wizards ensure seamless, secure, always-on data connections are established so your business’s data always remains protected in BUCS system.

There are two types of connections:

On Prem – Client installs the BUCS Remote agent to talk to the private on-prem data source then finishes integration setup through the Connection Hub.

Cloud – Client grants BUCS access to the cloud application through the Connection Hub integration wizard.

Step 2: Automate Transformations 

Say goodbye to manual mapping and welcome to the power of automation! The BUCS Insights Data Layer automates these typically time consuming and complex ETL processes to effortlessly map and transform data behind the scenes. Through the BUCS Insights Data Layer, the data tables from disparate data sources are ingested and the schema is normalized into a consistent and easy to use data structure.

Rest assured these transformations are based on BUCS’s industry expertise and numerous years of fine-tuning datasets to yield the most actionable data. 

Step 3: Finalize Integration 

Finalize your integration with the click of a button. Your data is now securely transferred to the BUCS platform on an ongoing basis. We’ll work with you to identify the refresh frequency that makes sense based on the data source. For example, GL data might make sense to refresh a few times a day while payroll data might make sense to refresh weekly or monthly. Your data connection is continuously monitored to ensure you are working with the most up-to-date dataset. If for any reason the connection is disrupted, you are notified so you can re-establish the connection immediately.


With BUCS Data Connection Hub, you can successfully consolidate your data sources. Maximize the value of a BUCS partnership by integrating multiple data sources including accounting, finance, operations, payroll, sales, POS and more.

BUCS always-on data connections, intuitive transformed data structures and purpose-built reporting visualizations means you spend less time manually manipulating stale datasets and get to month-end close faster, allowing you and your team to spend more time mining valuable data and making smarter, more strategic decisions.

Let BUCS help you harness the power of your data effortlessly and elevate your financial analytics to new heights.

Ready to see how BUCS can transform your data?




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