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Build Trust to Create Business Value

The crucial link between financial reporting, technology and investor confidence.

Case Study | BRAVAS

BRAVAS increased month-end close speed and accuracy with consolidation and automation. Learn more!

Unlock the Power of Month-End Close

Explore effective strategies to expedite the critical month-end close for a more efficient and reliable financial operation.

Case Study | Western Forms

Western Forms increased cash flow with better insight into inventory position and demand/manufacturing planning. Learn more!

Case Study | JCI Industries

JCI Industries drove growth and cash flow through increased decision velocity. Learn more!

A Guide to Inventory and Work in Progress

The path to profitability and competitive advantage comes from mastering inventory and work in progress management.

Case Study | Unified Door & Hardware Group

UDH leveraged BUCS to realize cost savings from vendors and optimize liquidity. Learn more!

In the Complex World of Corporate Finance, Liquidity is Key

Strategies for maximizing liquidity through accounts payable management.

Case Study | Synetic Technologies

Synetic saved time and increased client retention through automation. Learn more!

Case Study | Portfolio Company

A Portfolio Company is leveraging data analytics to foster a positive investor relationship and drive strategic business decisions. Learn more!

Enhancing Data Legibility: The Evolution of Record Keeping and Storage

Discover the journey of information storage and the power of data warehouses in modern decision making.

How to Maximize your BI Platform

A comprehensive guide to aligning objectives, enhancing usability, and driving growth with a powerful BI platform that unlocks data insights.