Significantly reduce deal fatigue in due diligence

Eliminate requests for manual reports from targets.

BUCS helps you expedite confirmatory activities with live connections in a day. You have more time to identify concerns with targets, minimize unknown risks, and generate cost savings with automated data books and other repetitive report population. Roll forwards are simple, too!

So, how does this work?

Our platform connects data with minimal support from your IT team

Integrate & Organize

Our proprietary software integrates and organizes disparate data.

Eliminate Human Error

We connect directly to the portfolio company’s data sources, eliminating data requests and removing human intervention and errors in reporting.

Identify Areas of Concern

You have access to all journal entries highlights anomalies and areas of concern.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor data connections 24/7 to ensure data is never stale.

Increase Engagements

Utilizing our databook increases the volume of engagements worked by your team.

On Demand

A team of Big 4 CPAs and Fortune 500 FP&A analysts support ad hoc and on demand needs.

Our clients get outcomes, not just data.

“A Quality of Earnings report is necessary; however, our BUCS databook provides richer insights that better inform our investment decisions.”

– Jared Poland, Principal, CPC

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