M&A due diligence requires data input from many sources. It is a challenge to inspect information from multiple software platforms and third-party vendors, leading to inefficient processes, long wait times, high costs and uncertainty.

leverage data to see the FULL PICTURE before and after every deal

BUCSanalytics’ cloud-based platform uses data to speed the M&A process from initial, pre-deal due diligence to post-deal, ongoing reporting. Gain true insights to maximize your investment value while allowing your team to focus on critical decisions and deal sourcing rather than assembling and preparing data.

Pre-deal benefits: 

  • Faster due diligence
  • Risk and opportunity analysis
  • Growth plan development

Post-deal benefits: 

  • Full transparency
  • Easy ongoing reporting
  • Value maximization

proven RESULTS from data-driven decisions

Improved Customer Service Leads to a 45% INCREASE in Sales

Insights from BUCS enabled more timely and complete customer service, resulting in a quantifiable increase in sales activity.

Working Capital Analysis Creates 32% REDUCTION of Inventory

Greater visibility across all areas of the supply chain enabled greater efficient inventory utilization.

Mitigated Investment in MRP System for SAVINGS of $300,000

BUCS improved utilization and integration of current systems’ data, deferring MRP system investment indefinitely.