big picture INSIGHTS from thousands of data points

There are countless factors that impact the profitability and efficiency of your business. BUCSanalytics empowers you to use data from all of your disparate business systems to see both big-picture insights and drill down to individual data records — in real time.

the difference is in the DATA

The BUCS platform is cloud-based and can be deployed in just a few weeks. Quickly leverage data from your ERP, CRM, payroll, inventory, production systems and other sources to provide key business insights including: 

  • Sales and profitability
  • Cycle times and chain of events
  • Working capital management
  • Customer performance
  • Vendor evaluation and item profitability

use the POWER of big data to create big BENEFITS

Clients use BUCS to:

  • Improve equity value
  • Increase sales volume
  • Reduce analyst costs
  • Guide inventory reduction
  • Create working capital improvements
  • Shorten lead times

proven RESULTS from data-driven decisions

Improved Customer Service Leads to a 45% INCREASE in Sales

Insights from BUCS enabled more timely and complete customer service, resulting in a quantifiable increase in sales activity.

Working Capital Analysis Creates 32% REDUCTION of Inventory

Greater visibility across all areas of the supply chain enabled greater efficient inventory utilization.

Mitigated Investment in MRP System for SAVINGS of $300,000

BUCS improved utilization and integration of current systems’ data, deferring MRP system investment indefinitely.