The BUCSanalytics Story

Over the last several decades, digital transformation has changed the way that business is done. As data was digitized it also became siloed within disparate systems designed to streamline separate areas of the business. Today, every business has valuable data stored in ERP, CRM, payroll, inventory operational systems and more. For most, analyzing that data is a manual, time consuming process yielding results that are out of date by the time they are reported. 
The BUCS team saw this inefficiency and believed that the data in these systems could be brought together and used to better assess and optimize business performance in real time. Since then, BUCS has been leveraging business data to help organizations examine processes, make fact-based decisions and find new value. In the past 15 years, BUCS has had the privilege to partner with many visionary companies to enhance their decision-making processes and measurably improve their performances. We are proud to partner with our clients to strategize ways to reach their goals.
We use our experience with client systems to streamline the data transformation process, from data access to insights. This experience allows BUCS to onboard in days to weeks’ time, rather than months. New clients can start thinking about critical issues right away and as they evolve, we strive to help develop even more intuitive and predictive methodologies.
Ultimately, BUCS provides mid-sized businesses a smart path to pursue advanced performance management analytics. We guarantee you’ll move forward with confidence, speed, little-to-no disruption and responsible investment.