Everyone has but the majority of businesses take action on an incomplete picture. BUCSanalytics enables all relevant information to be available when making decisions. BUCS uses its proprietary data structure to efficiently connect data points that are historically difficult to combine. We leverage this platform to automate historical analysis, advance our clients’ data and identify value creating activities that immediately make an impact. This is accomplished using a minimal amount of our clients’ resources to install and maintain.
BUCS can provide real time analysis of key financial and operational metrics coming from multiple data sources such as ERP, Payroll, Project Management, MRP and CRM. This ability frees up resources to focus on improving the business instead of being tied up gathering data or performing repetitive. BUCS presents this critical information when and where it is needed in an easily digestible format. By integrating data points that are frequently siloed, BUCS is able to quickly produce actionable insights when, where and how it is needed, driving performance improvement in your business.
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