Technology Platform

Platform Design

The BUCS VPS platform is designed to provide rapid implementation, performance clarity like never before, as well as speed to actionable insight.  BUCS deploys the latest technologies in Big Data analytics, including ETL processes to handle and manage data and in-memory computing, which makes it possible to process and analyze massive volumes of data in real time without the lag associated with fetching data from disk storage.  BUCS is also highly experienced in efficiently mapping and integrating your internal data to the BUCS data platform, which resides in a rich SQL database environment.

Cloud SaaS

With a secure cloud-based SaaS architecture, the BUCS Analytics platform is available wherever you have internet access. Without adding any burden to your IT staff, BUCS gives you the information you need when you need it.


With BUCS, you get relevant business insight that way you work—on your workstation, tablet or mobile device.  Our actionable analytics are designed to work across different devices, making the BUCS platform easy to access and simple to use.


BUCS secure platform provides customers with encrypted communications.  All data movement within the BUCS platform uses 128-bit encryption, including user access via a web browser.   All data is stored in secure SQL Server databases using encrypted passwords to control access.  FTP servers use SSL encryption to provide the highest level of security.  BUCS data center is located in a secure underground facility requiring biometric identification to control access.  All data is backed up daily and yes there are backups of the backups.