Cost Effective

BUCS VPS and supporting Professional Services are specifically designed to provide middle market companies the opportunity to rapidly and affordably advance their performance management, decisions support and analytic capabilities.


Costs for BUCS VPS SaaS product include a one-time installation fee, which encompasses all implementation steps to organize, analyze, map, and load your company data to be available and visible on the BUCS platform.  Once your initial company data is loaded a periodic refresh routine is established, typically monthly, and clients pay a monthly subscription fee.

BUCS Services

BUCS includes a generous allotment of monthly consultation and support hours with the VPS subscription. Additional consulting services from BUCS team of experts are available at hourly rates.

Payback in Multiples

All of BUCS products and services were developed to provide you with performance clarity as well as actionable insights to performance improvements in a manner to give your company an edge over the competition.  Our goal is always to provide your company with a payback in multiples of the cost of providing the service.