Competitive Advantage

“Executives increasingly recognize the smartest organizations are already capitalizing on increased information richness and analytics to gain a competitive advantage.”

                                                   Analytics: The New Path to Value”   MIT Sloan Management Review

It is becoming increasingly clear that capitalizing on big data analytics presents a tremendous opportunity, as many thought leaders are now touting the benefits of big data analytics.  In fact, some are saying that much as the Internet upended industry during the last two decades, big data’s potential to provide companies with deeper insight into their business seems destined to generate both upheaval and endless opportunity.  Research shows that companies that use data and business analytics to guide decision making are more productive and experience higher returns than competitors that don’t.  BUCS believes this is especially true in the middle market, as opportunities for significant competitive advantage abound through the effective deployment of big data analytics.  Explore the many ways BUCS provides your business with significant competitive advantage.

Actionable Insight

Just as a GPS system now allows you powerful visual macro-to-micro data access to map your course, BUCS VPS solutions deliver performance clarity and insight with unprecedented speed to useful information from a macro to micro level.  With BUCS, you can see the big picture to identify problems and opportunities, and also quickly drill down to the transaction-level details, allowing you to focus on action, prioritize activities, and spend your time delivering results.


Invest time in action not analysis — to increase cash flow. BUCS Analytics takes data readily available within your systems to provide actionable insights allowing you to focus activity on increasing service, cash flow and company value.


“Integrating BUCS’ solution quickly empowered us with the information to strategically increase product line sales and profits.  In turn, these results positively drove our Return on Capital performance.   We confidently rely on the answers and strategic guidance BUCS’ solutions provide us.”

             – Kurt Van Keppel , Founder and CEO, XIKAR

Simplicity, Speed & Agility

Gain initial fact-based, actionable insights quickly with setup in weeks, not months. Refresh data and analysis as needed, within hours not days. Now ask and answer questions in seconds, not hours. Then evolve and advance your analytics capabilities to best fit your needs.

Management Rhythm

One of the hidden benefits of deploying BUCS solutions is the overall management discipline and management rhythm it brings to your business.  Many of our clients have integrated BUCS VPS solutions into their ongoing business planning and performance management processes.  For example, management teams use the BUCS platform to evaluate macro trends, set goals, then manage and measure performance down to the individual customer, supplier, product or employee level.  The robust BUCS VPS platform is designed to facilitate actionable and repeatable data and reporting to improve management discipline, decision quality and prioritization.  BUCS VPS Core and Module solutions are designed to be used in ways that provide executive level macro perspective, yet with real-time drill down to the underlying transaction-level detail.  Following is an example of rhythmic management topics and how BUCS VPS solutions are used by client executive teams.

  • Financial/Business Performance – VPS Core
  • Customers – VPS Sales & Customer Modules
  • Vendors/Suppliers – VPS Supply Chain Modules
  • Products – VPS Product Management Modules
  • People (Reps/Buyers, etc) – All BUCS Modules