shed the BURDEN

There is significant planning and execution that comes with a go-it-alone analytics strategy.  BUCS removes the stress and roadblocks so that clients can focus on performance instead of another long, painful implementation.  With BUCS, you don’t have to worry about:

  • Technical & business analyst talent
  • Hardware, networking & security solutions
  • Data integration and transformation
  • B.I. software
  • Reporting & analysis distribution methods
  • Training & adoption
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right SIZED

It’s imperative to outline how you want to look at your business and what you wish to accomplish.  BUCS’ has a proven track record in delivering the right balance between out-of-the box and custom fit. The most taxing component, the data layer, is automated and has 10-plus years of refinement. This paves the way for meaningful, speedy customization to support the nuances of each business while preserving the efficiencies gained across business commonalities.

Areas of customization which BUCS may configure:


  • Territories

  • Sales Reps

  • Items / BOM

  • Class

  • Divisions

  • Locations

  • Customers

  • Vendors


  • ERP / Accounting Package  (core)

  • CRM

  • Payroll

  • Inventory

  • Production


  • Data restrictions by user

  • Web & email delivery

  • Configure frequency & timing

maturation & AGILITY

Once a business embraces B.I. there is a maturation and timeline that’s different for everyone.  To cultivate a data driven mindset businesses must build an efficient foundation or risk an expensive and unresponsive program in the future. At BUCS we provide a Software-as-a-Service offering to foster a natural evolution while avoiding pitfalls and resource constraints.

As new, complex business questions arise, BUCS’ system provides a foundation for rapid analysis development and report design.  We also provide access to Business Analyst professionals on-demand.

With the right leadership and methodology, a BUCS’ client will:

  • gain greater decision alignment
  • migrate from strictly historical to a form of predictive/prescriptive reporting
  • achieve improved business performance
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