At BUCS, we believe that nearly all middle market companies can gain competitive advantage using our solutions. With BUCS deployed, companies are equipped with the insight to substantially improve performance in terms of service, growth and value across all facets of their business. BUCS big data VPS Solutions address not only Core business performance, but also penetrating solutions into Sales & Customers, Supply Chain and Product Management.  Using your existing data and BUCS technology platform, we deliver the visibility needed to identify and realize these opportunities in a cost effective manner. We call this “Seeing Value Everywhere”.

The results from our client Case Studies illustrate the broad range of cash flow improvement via targeted business and product growth, margin improvement through proper product and channel emphasis, vastly improved “days to cash” via unparalleled working capital management analytics, value-driven customer and vendor negotiation, and on and on.

“BUCS provides us with a new microscope, allowing us to extend our business performance visibility and understanding from the company macro level to the detailed micro level.  This provides us the means to more clearly understand our day-to-day operating performance. BUCS is reinventing the business dartboard, allowing us to more clearly focus on the true ‘bull’s eye.”

                                                                                  – Rex Davis, VP Supply Chain, IBT Inc.