Route profitability analysis leads to better decision making for national transportation company

Path to higher gross margin and cash return discovered through proper route selection. BUCS pulls data from multiple sources to create product groupings to determine optimal  route selection for company.


  • Recession impacts profitability and cash returns


  • Improve operating cash flow
  • Instill business and financial planning
  • Create discipline to make planning decisions


  • Provide greater performance visibility
  • Incorporated capacity utilization metrics to more precisely align costs
  • Develop financial plan, process and accountability


  • Visibility to product, channel and customers provides performance clarity to enable better decisions, faster.
  • Annual business and financial plan and process established for the future.
  • Profitable route selection of owned vehicles vs. contracted vehicles established

 Capacity and Utilization Measured by Route

Transportation Company

Margin Compared by Owned vs. Contracted Tranport