Regional blood center was searching for means to more both measure and  communicate its ability to adapt in an increasingly dynamic environment.


  • Current process and product economics unclear causing decision process uncertainty


  • Assess performance by process, product and customer
  • Identify opportunities to improve performance


  • Gather transaction level information from Donor visits through to product distribution and returns.
  • Develop service and economic  performance metrics for each alternative processes used to create various blood products.
  • Provide performance information by process, product and customer


  • Provided basis to understand how to more optimally utilize existing processes for specific products
  • The Blood Centers ability  to provide outstanding service in a dynamic environment was proven to be measurable with means to effectively  illustrate to customers
  • Enabled focused collaboration with customers to collectively improve specific aspects of service and economic performance.
  • Customer specific returns and associated product out-dating economic impacts now measured

High Levels of Service Consistently Achieved Despite Volatile Demand

Service Company

Specific Customer’s Product Returns Greater than Normal and Driving Higher Costs

Service Company

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