Articles & Books

Below are articles and books that we rely upon as we follow trends in business analytics and develop our products and services.


ROC Solid by Vincent Ryan, CFO Magazine, June 1, 2008
This article highlights Return on Capital as the metric that may matter most to companies seeking to achieve higher rates of return and market value.

A Better Way to Gauge Profitability  by David C. Burns, J. Timothy Sale and Jens A. Stephan, Journal of Accountancy, August 2008
This article outlines an effective, systematic application of ratio analysis to benchmark a company’s performance and set goals for future performance.

The Weighted Average Cost of Capital  by Tore Olafsen and Martin Derva, Strategy @Risk, August 2008
The method for determining weighted average cost of capital and its affect on assessing a company’s market value is illustrated.

A Supply Chain Maturity Model by The Supply Chain Center, The Supply Chain Center, 2009
This is a simplified and effective model to aid in the assessment of supply chain process maturity as well as providing insights into steps required to advance these processes.

In-memory Computing: Lifting the Burden of Big Data   by Nathaniel Rowe, Aberdeen Group, 2011
While volumes of business data continue to increase dramatically from an ever expanding array of sources the tools and methods to harness this data and to uncover insights are also expanding.  This research shows those companies utilizing and advancing these methods are able to analyze larger amounts of data in orders of magnitude faster than their competitors.

BI for the Small to Medium Business – Unlocking Hidden Business Insights to Drive Profit  by Michael Lock Aberdeen Group, October 2010
This research illustrates how top performers within the SMB sector (small to medium sized business) are leveraging BI  and analytics to capture and transform mission-critical data into timely business insight, resulting in substantial improvement in top and bottom line performance.

Interactive Visual Analytics:  Put your Smart Brains in the Drivers Seat  by Wolfgang Martin Team, The Wolfgang Martin Team 2006
This article explains how analytics is the step beyond business intelligence and how it can be applied to drive improved performance for your organization.

Analytics: The New Path to Value  by MIT Sloan Management Review, Research Report, Fall 2010
The research presented in this article highlights how top-performing companies are harnessing data and applying analytics in ways their competitors are not, How these companies see analytics increasingly as a competitive differentiator.

Analytics and the Cloud – the Future is Here  by Jane Griffin and Forrest Danson, Financial Executive, November 2012
Cloud analytics are here now and provide a means to affordable and effectively enable your company to rapidly advance your companies capabilities and performance.

Three trends in business-to-business sales  by Christopher Davie, Tom Stephenson and Maria Valdivieso de Uster, McKinsey Quarterly, May 2010
The ways companies are buying and selling to each other is changing.  As companies seek new ways to compete new trends include greater utilization of data to uncover means to better serve customers.

Inside P&G’s Digital Evolution by Michael Chui and  Tom Fleming, McKinsey Quarterly, 2011
This article shows how one leading US company is aggressively utilizing analytics as a business strategy to provide insights, deliver competitive advantages and drive performance in a manner to create greater shareholder value.

Competing on Analytics by Thomas H. Davenport, Harvard Business Review, January 2006
In this article, Davenport defines how companies are using analytics as a competitive advantage by creating a data driven culture with the ability to unleash many killer apps across an entire organization.

Embedded BI – Boosting Analytic Adoption and Engagement by Michael Lock, Aberdeen Group, March 2012
This paper explores how companies are embedding business intelligence and analytic capabilities with existing business applications to speed adoption.

Marketing and Operations– Can this Marriage be Saved by Tom Laseter, Alex Kandybin and Pat Houston, Booz Allen Hamilton
While natural tension traditionally exists between Marketing’s top-line focus tendency and Operations emphasis on cost efficiency, companies must strive to find balance between cost of service options and value to customers.

Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms  Gartner, February 2013
Gartner’s rating of Tibco Spotfire as an industry leader in providing business intelligence and analytics solutions reaffirms BUCS Analytics decision to utilize Spotfire as a key component of our performance management and analytics platform. The consistent advances in capabilities delivered by Spotfire continues to impress.


analytics-at-workAnalytics at Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results
by Thomas H. Davenport, Jeanne G. Harris and Robert Morison
Most companies have massive amounts of data at their disposal, yet fail to utilize it in any meaningful way. But a powerful new business tool – analytics – is enabling many firms to aggressively leverage their data in key business decisions and processes, with impressive results.

the-new-knowThe New Know:  Innovation Powered by Analytics
by Thornton May
In this book the futurist Thornton May makes the case why businesses must utilize analytics to know not only what has happened but what will happen next.


blueprint-to-a-billionBlueprint to a Billion
by David Thompson
This book is not about one unique company, its innovation, and the financial returns it achieved; it’s about the quantifiable, success-based pattern—independent of economic cycles or industries—shared across this group of 387 elite companies

where-good-ideasWhere Good Ideas Come From
by Steven Johnson
Johnson–writer, Web guru–delivers a sweeping look at innovation spanning nearly the whole of human history. What sparks our great ideas? Johnson breaks down the cultural, biological, and environmental fuel into seven broad “patterns.”

The Visual Display of Qunatitive InformationThe Visual Display of Quantitative Information
by Edward R. Tufte
Design stunning scientific charts, graphs and diagrams for business presentation, professional advancement, academic coursework, publication and pleasure. Maximize your productivity and inspire your audience to action.

Envisioning InformationEnvisioning Information
by Edward R. Tufte
This book celebrates escapes from the flatlands of both paper and computer screen, showing superb displays of high-dimensional complex data. The most design-oriented of Edward Tufte’s books.