Who Uses BUCS

BUCS solutions are tailored toward middle market companies that have a passion for continuous improvement and increasing business value.  Following are the key users and clients of BUCS solutions.

Middle Market Manufacturers and Distributors

To date, BUCS clients consist primarily of middle market manufacturing, distribution and business service companies.  BUCS platform can support companies as large as $1 billion in sales and as small as $5 million, as long as the data is accessible.  BUCS believes that its focus on the middle market is unique in the big data analytics business value space.

Private Equity Firms

With a charter to drive superior equity returns through business growth and improved financial performance, private equity firms and their portfolio companies represent ideal clients for BUCS solutions.  We recommend that private equity firms start with one or two portfolio companies to see the power of the platform and the BUCS solutions.  As these companies and their leaders embrace BUCS and its transformative capabilities, layering on additional portfolio companies will become a natural evolution.


BUCS is a powerful addition to senior operating and financial executives, as it allows unparalleled macro to micro business views and tools to facilitate goals, actions, priorities and performance management.  One of the hidden benefits of deploying BUCS solutions is the overall management discipline and management rhythm it brings to your business.  Many CEOs and CFOs have integrated BUCS VPS solutions into their ongoing business planning and performance management processes.

Sales Leaders

BUCS has an extensive offering of [Sales & Customer Modules] that enable sales leaders to consistently develop outcomes that benefit not only your business, but your customers’ as well.  With BUCS VPS platform, the data is online and mobile, so both sales leaders and sales reps can access the data anytime, anywhere.   In fact, with BUCS mobility and multi-dimensional Sales & Customer VPS modules, clients use the tools to scenario model and negotiate comprehensive price and terms with customers.  Additionally, sales leaders use BUCS to assess Sales Rep performance.  This leads to an increased understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each individual Sales Rep, which leads to better directed development activities along with the means to measure improvements.

COO/Supply Chain Executives

Our expertise and knowledge of supply chain processes and relationships as well as our data driven analytic approach make our services ideal for the COO or Supply Chain executive seeking to gain a clear understanding of current performance and opportunities prior to striking out on a new path.  Our services are often used to assess whether current processes are achieving the expected level of performance and if not, to identify why not.

CFO Outsourcing Firms

BUCS is also an ideal fit for an outsourced or temporary CFO, as these roles often accompany an unstable, distressed or merger/acquisition setting, where quick command of the business and its strengths and weaknesses is vital.  Within a few weeks, a seasoned executive using BUCS tools will have unparalleled insight and clarify on key business drivers, and can hone his or her attention to the most critical issues at hand.