BUCS solutions are tailored toward middle market companies that have a passion for continuous improvement and increasing business value.

The US market consists of about 197,000 medium-sized firms, defined as those with annual revenues between $10 million and $1 billion, according to data from the National Center for the Middle Market. Together, they account for around one-third of private-sector GDP.  Middle market companies tend to be privately owned: 31% by a family, and 40% by some combination of private equity and family. Many of these companies are beginning to see the value in big data analytics and the opportunity to seize market opportunities, boost financial performance and compete more effectively.

To reach middle market companies with a passion for continuous improvement and increasing business value, BUCS works directly with senior leadership of companies as well as private equity ownership groups and key advisors. See Who Uses BUCS to learn more.

In BUCS experience, nearly every middle market company has the data buried in their systems, even if they don’t realize it.  But, not all companies have the culture to embrace a data rich environment where the volume, variety and velocity of information can be both empowering and intimidating.  Strong value-oriented leadership is essential to realize the vast potential of big data and the BUCS platform.  For those companies that have adopted BUCS, they can’t ever imagine managing a business again without it.

“It’s not really about the data–it’s about the mindset.”

               – Paul Buchanan, President, BUCS Analytics