Sales and cash flow doubles in 18 months – Discovered lowest gross margin market channel delivered the best cash return. BUCS Analytics provides days to cash analysis discovering the lowest gross margin product has the lowest days to cash while also achieving a higher return option for this rapid growth company.


  • Prioritizing market channel based on Gross Margin, alone led to cash being stretched.


  • Improve channel performance measurement, clarity and visibility
  • Analyze performance by product, customer and channel.
  • Identify and prioritize improvement opportunities


  • Gathered, assembled and organized historical data
  • Assess company, then product, customer and channel performance


  • Discovered low % margin channel achieved the best cash flow and returns
  • Channel strategies and activities re-prioritized
  • Sales and cash flow doubled in 18 months

Cash and Return Performance by Market Channel Assessed

Consumer Products Company


Catalog Channel Performance Improves Substantially with Greater Strategic Focus

Consumer Products


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