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Partnering with BUCS Analytics frees your people to do what they do best  – manage the business.  Our solutions eliminate the need for employees to manage massive and complex data queries.  They will no longer have to rely on Excel files with limited sharing and visibility across functions and departments.  With BUCS Analytics, your data will no longer be in departmental silos or in spreadsheets on desktops.  Information is made available faster, and is accessible from virtually anywhere via our secure, cloud-based architecture.  Information can be refreshed as needed. You can move from analysis to action faster than ever before.

Getting started is quick

You can be up and running within a matter of weeks.  Imagine going from raw data to performance clarity and insights for performance improvements in less than 30 days!  BUCS Analytics can lift a burden from your people and operations. Our clients have found they spend less time and resources managing data, and more time making decisions. Since our solution is an enterprise-wide model you have a macro to micro view, allowing you to easily make specific, process-centric decisions throughout your operation. Cloud-based analytics adds to the efficiency of the solution, providing access to the data from virtually anywhere. And where deeper analysis is needed, the BUCS team, with its experience and advanced analytics capabilities, is there to support you.

Getting started couldn’t be easier

We provide the business analysts, the IT resources, and the best-in-class software solutions.   The BUCS Analytics team provides the resources needed to implement advanced performance management and analytics for your company. We meet with you, agree on selected areas of focus, identify the data needed, and go to work quickly to give you results.

As our clients will tell you, it is a solution whose returns far exceed the investment – making it an easy decision for your business.

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