BUCS Analytics offers Big Data analytics software as service (SaaS) solutions and accompanying consulting services to help businesses improve performance and increase value.  BUCS SaaS product is known as VPS, or Value Positioning System.  VPS is a lot like a GPS for your business.  Just as GPS systems provide powerful macro-to-micro visualization and clear direction in a fast, actionable and affordable manner (using massive amounts of mapping data that was readily available), BUCS VPS does the same for your business—providing unparalleled guidance toward your path to business value maximization.  Using your own financial and transactional data, BUCS VPS solutions allow you to see your business as you’ve never seen it before—from high-level macro views across all dimensions to the supporting transaction-level detail—all designed to focus on actions and priorities to improve performance and increase value.  From the boardroom to the shop floor, we deliver fact-based analysis. This comprehensive approach allows functional groups to align their operational performance strategies, increase sales, and ultimately drive greater cash flow and value.  BUCS VPS is truly transformative and, in many ways, as simple to implement, powerful and intuitive to use as your GPS system.

BUCS and its leadership team have a long history of improving business performance using Big Data strategies, processes and technologies.  Prior to founding BUCS in 2006, members of the BUCS senior leadership team held executive, financial, technology and supply chain leadership roles in Fortune 25 companies, Big Data and SaaS companies, and Big 4 accounting and consulting firms.  The BUCS team is uniquely equipped in terms of the strategy, management, finance and technology expertise necessary to build a robust Big Data business performance focused SaaS solution.