About BUCS

BUCS was created to provide mid-sized businesses the insights to make better decisions, faster.

Since inception we have partnered with a large array of companies and collected invaluable experiences that continue to influence how we will best serve our clients in the present and future.

BUCS takes pride in the many client success stories, their new decision processes and their measurably improved performance.  We thrive on the energy that our customers get from achieving elusive goals.

We’ve also harnessed our experience with client systems to streamline the onerous data transformation process, from data access to insights.  This process allows BUCS to onboard in days to weeks’ time.   New clients can start thinking about critical issues right away and as they evolve we strive to help them transition from lagging to leading, or predictive methodologies.

Ultimately, BUCS provides mid-sized businesses a smart path to pursue advanced performance management analytics.   We guarantee you’ll move forward with confidence, speed, little-to-no disruption and responsible investment.  Contact us today.


Prior to founding BUCS, Paul was an executive level leader at an international Fortune 25 business and eventually pursued a consulting opportunity as an independent.  This ultimately led to a project with Helzberg Diamonds where Paul gained understanding of how its parent company Berkshire-Hathaway guides performance for its companies.

Paul experienced the data challenges faced by mid-sized businesses seeking strategic to tactical decision alignment.  It became evident that decision makers were hand-cuffed and substantial performance opportunities were often difficult to address.  Through this experience, BUCS Analytics was conceived and incorporated in 2006.  Today, BUCS purpose is to help mid-sized businesses put their data to work and ease the burden of conventional business reporting.

Paul is a long-time member of the School of Management Advisory Council for the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa.   He has participated as an Adjunct Professor for the Executive MBA Program at the Helzberg School of Management at Rockhurst University.  Furthermore, Paul brings a broad base of corporate and entrepreneurial businesses experience across an array of disciplines; including finance, supply chain, operational management, data transformation and systems integration.


Nick is a CPA and prior to BUCS spent time in both audit and consulting functions within Big 4 accounting firms.  He worked solving problems within small private to large public companies across a variety of industries. Since joining BUCS he has advanced the BUCS platform and framework to rapidly provide performance management and predictive analytics capabilities to BUCS mid-sized business clients.

Nick is recognized as an innovative and trusted advisor among the CEOs, COOs, CFOs and other associates at BUCS clients.  The problem solving and analytic solutions led by Nick are creating significant and sustainable performance gains for the businesses we serve.  He has demonstrated how companies can move from looking in the rear-view mirror at performance to managing and driving to forward looking success.

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