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The pursuit of advanced performance management analytics is often a tricky, boundless endeavor. BUCS’ provides a tried-and-true path for mid-sized businesses to find footing in this vast B.I. frontier. We guarantee you’ll move forward with confidence, speed, little-to-no disruption and responsible investment.

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Cost Effective & Powerful

Confidence Drove Results

“Since we partnered with BUCS, we get targeted performance information, faster. We now make more confident strategic plans and decisions, delivering significantly improved results across all market channels of our company.”

$15M Working Capital Savings

“Our business has grown by 60% since we began utilizing BUCS' services. At the same time, we've achieved a 35 day cash conversion cycle improvement delivering a $15M Working Capital savings.”

“BUCS provides us a flexible, cost effective and easy-to-use platform that solves strategic issues. The visibility to meaningful, interconnected information provides our team shared insights into risks and opportunities to achieve improved performance.”

CEO, Veterinary Services Inc.

Brad Gohr

CFO, Xikar

Gary Gates

CFO, RBC Medical Innovations

Mark Radosevich

Same Day, Actionable Insights

“BUCS provides the right mix of same-day-service and customer responsiveness. BUCS aggregates and distributes info in workable packets; tracking and monitoring business trends and performance at multiple layers.”

J. B. Buxton

VP Supply Chain, IBT Industrial

Manage Beyond Sales & Margin

“BUCS has helped us evaluate our business in a more well-rounded manner by allowing us to assess an array of value drivers beyond sales and margin. This has allowed us to grow and become a more financially healthy business. ”

Sales Lead, Clancey

Joe Van Dyke

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